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Who We Are


Here, at Etech Rivals, we consider ourselves a new generation Managed I.T. Service provider with old school flavor. Our knowledge and experience are worth 17 years of value, but our mindset is to "Rival" every Managed I.T. company in existence starting with pricing. For far too long, we've seen and heard stories about attractive pricing for outsourced I.T. services, only to later get tackled with bills between $100's and $1,000's of dollars monthly. Or, low (Too Good to Be True) prices billed per desktop or user which basically does nothing for any business at all. So, we decided to interrupt the industry and provide true, "No Hassle" pricing. You either have a true hourly rate, that provides all of the essential services and maintenance you'll need while keeping costs low. Or very competitive monthly pricing which provides premium services for a True Value package, bundled with unlimited support.

Starting as a family-owned business, we value business relationships, loyalty, respect and customer satisfaction. We don't believe that our customers are always right... (when it comes to I.T. decisions) but we believe you always know what you want. Which is why we dedicate ourselves, to understanding your current environment and operations from the very beginning. Decoding what we collect and analyze to return with a comprehensive plan, presented in a way that's easy to understand and envision.

We are a company whose aim is to please, over achieve and relieve all things I.T. providing remote support. Nationwide from coast to coast, with local support currently being provided in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Michigan and Ohio.

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