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Remote Monitoring & Management Services


Our R.M.M. Solution


Remote Monitoring & Management solutions saves your business money by cutting down on help desk calls, and reduces the percentage on downtime in your environment. It allows us to identify and diagnose or replace software or hardware before future damage is done to your equipment, applications, databases or operating systems.  Having the ability to avert system failure allows us to reduce costs and provide lower hourly and monthly rates for all customers.

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts management

  • IT automation and scripting

  • Patch management functions

  • Reporting and analytics

  • This package of functions covers all of your monitoring and management needs



IT Automation & Scripting

Automating tasks, takes care of a lot of routine maintenance, freeing up resources and time to focus on more complex jobs and projects. While also reducing your overall costs for any of our monthly subscriptions. 

Scripts are always important in any environment because of its flexibility and available languages and formats it can be written in like MSI, Batch Files, CMD Files and PowerShell scripts.

  • System Restore Points​

  • Temp Files Deletion

  • Internet History Deletion

  • Reboot

  • Shutdown

  • Defragment (All Hard Drives)

  • Run Check disk (All Hard Drives)

  • Run Scripts



Patch Management Functions​

Our module enables us to shutdown or reboot computers and servers after applying software and security updates at the most convenient times for your business. Having full control over when and how they get deployed, even for different operating systems ensures airtight security and control over your network. Reducing your chances of being a target of the next major virus or breach. Potentially causing your company to lose thousands of dollars in costs and potential fines.

  • Run Windows Update
  • Install Microsoft Office updates
  • Install driver updates

  • Install Java updates

  • Install Adobe updates

  • Reboot if needed

  • Exclude patches



Reporting & Analytics​

Generating on demand or automated reports helps to measure your networks, assets, system health, and overall performance by setting data-driven goals for your environment.

  • System health at a glance​

  • Specific customer health

  • Agent health

  • System inventory audit

  • Microsoft licensing

  • Software inventory

  • Patch and automation feedback

IT Automation
Patch Management
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